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Siemens distributors Australia | CMIndustrySupply

CM Industry Supply Automation offers the widest range of services for the automation industry. We are renowned KEB service center, KEB Drive Service center, Lenze Drive Service center, Lenze service center, Lenze Drive VFD, KEB F5 Drive VFD, KEB Drive, Lenze Servo Motor, Lenze Servo Drive solution provider. We offer huge automation products and repair services, ranging from AC Drives, Servo Drives, HVAC Drives, Electric motor and gearboxes, HMI and Touch panel, hydraulics and pneumatics, sensors, VFD control panel, PLC Control panel, Servo control panel, SCADA Control Panel, and DSC Control Panel. We provide support for all top brands such as SIEMENS, KEB, LENZE etc. We are renowned KEB distributors Australia , Siemens distributors Australia, , LENZE distributors Australia. Call now.

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