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of 30 KVA Voltage Stabilizer(China)
30 KVA Voltage Stabilizer(China)

30 KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer /Regulator (Origin: China). Input Voltage Phase: Three Phase Voltage: 300-460 V Frequency: 50 Hz Output Voltage: 380V± (1-3%) OR 400V± (1-3%) Phase: Three Phase Frequency: 50 Hz Protection: Low Voltage, Over Voltage, Phase Failure, Short Phase, Overload /Short Circuit Cooling System: Natural cooling system (Optional) Time Delay: 3-7sec/3-7min (Selectable) Bypass: Auto/Manual (Optional) Efficiency : > - 70% (AC-AC) Acoustic (Noise level): ≤50dB Environment (Temperature): -5℃ to 45℃ Environment (Humidity): 20% to 90%

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